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How Online Reviews Impact Your Business

Today, online reviews can make or break your business depending on how you handle them. Positive reviews are wonderful but negative reviews can be an inevitable part of business, but with review management strategy, your customers can do the marketing for you. Businesses are slowly realizing without investing in online review management they will not be able to compete with those that do. Positive online presence and reviews help in trust-building and can bring in more customers and revenue.

What people say about your business matters, customers are using online websites like Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor to determine where they will take their business. In today’s market, online reviews are affecting traditional businesses. People use online reviews to find a place to eat dinner, to hire a plumber, and even to find their next dentist. Positive customer reviews can build your business and attract new customers, and if handled properly, so can a negative review. Online reviews and comments should be used as a place to connect with your customers, this can improve your business internally – which can lead to better experiences and reviews. They want to be heard, so respond to the good, the bad, and ugly.

These are various statistics to persuade you to take online reviews seriously: 77% of people read online reviews before buying or paying for a service, 87% of women post online reviews often, 71% of all consumers say online reviews are important and impact where they take their business, and only 1% of consumers believe that online reviews are not important at all. Typically, consumers like something new and exciting, but tend to stick with old favorites because they are used to it. Due to online reviews, 88% of consumers now have the confidence to purchase an unfamiliar brand.

Online reviews are vital to a business in this society, they help bring in new customers and can improve your current business strategies. Again, don’t panic when you receive a bad review it is a part of running a business – just remember that communicating with the customer and letting them be right can turn it positive.

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How to Remove Negative Google Reviews

A negative review: a business owner’s worst nightmare. Don’t fret, don’t lose sleep, stay calm, and stay on top of the problem. You cannot remove a Google review but it can be fixed!

First, flag it for removal if it’s fake. On Google reviews, it is known that there are many bots and fake accounts that aim to lower a company’s ratings, therefore, you should examine your reviews and check them with your records, see if they lack details that relate to your business, and if there is a lot of misspellings and foul language, Google may take the review down. Then, respond immediately to all negative reviews. The longer the problem is left unsolved on the internet, the more people will tend to believe the fake and/or negative review. Put your ego in your desk drawer, and make sure to tell your side of the story with compassionate language, acknowledge the issue, and educate the public that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make that customer satisfied. The best policy a business owner can have is, your customer is always right. If the customer is pleased with your response, they could edit or even delete that negative statement. An abundance of positive reviews will overrule the bad; one way to receive more positive reviews is to ask your customer in person or over the phone if they were happy with the service that you provided, and if so, politely ask for a positive review. (or use ReviewPoint)

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How to make it so your Yelp reviews don’t get filtered

When you receive a review on Yelp, don’t always expect to see it. Yelp uses an automated filter that hides certain reviews in order to display the most helpful and honest reviews. Reviews to a business are vital. Whether the review is positive or negative – it helps management understand what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong for their clientele. The filter is intended to protect businesses, but in turn may hurt them. There have been many cases where authentic and honest reviews get filtered, and as a result this is keeping businesses from getting the feedback they deserve. Countless businesses have wondered how to stop their Yelp reviews from being filtered, and the answer it is not possible.

There are several ways Yelp users can avoid having their reviews filtered, such as not making your reviews overly short, long, negative, or positive, as well as if you are a new user try to keep connecting on the app to create a rapport. For the feedback and reviews businesses do receive, both positive and negative, should be taken into consideration. These reviews are helpful in training their employees and to implement their business plan. All things considered, Yelp is an amazing website that can increase business revenue and customer satisfaction.

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How To Delete TripAdvisor Reviews

Having a positive and active TripAdvisor presence can greatly increase your business and customer satisfaction. However, if you do receive a negative comment there are ways to mitigate the review. Your business should be regularly checking your reviews to be aware of what customers have been saying about it. As a travel business owner this can be difficult, due to your busy schedule and many customers. TripAdvisor has been known to delete comments if you have recently renovated your property, the review violates their guidelines, or if the review was fraudulent. Although you personally cannot delete TripAdvisor reviews, you should respond to all reviews in a timely manner. Whether the review is good or bad, true or false, you need to try and satisfy your clientele’s complaint or thank them for their compliment. Reviews are time sensitive, after three months people typically will no longer read the review. The bad review is still important and you should work to make that client happy and fix the issue for future reviews. One of your main priorities should be working to gather as many positive reviews as possible – it has been proven that many positive reviews will outweigh the negative reviews. Using ReviewPoint can help manage these issues and increase positive feedback.

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