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How to Build Strong Relationships with Customers

relationships with customers

The primary key to the success of any business is building customer relationships. Excellent support and ongoing contact must be a top priority when your goal is a healthy business and continuous growth. Most business owners understand the importance of this relationship, but not everyone knows how to build relationships with customers.

First, let’s look at how and why negative relationships evolve. Negative relationships develop when customers feel dissatisfied. And many times the reason they’re dissatisfied is that they don’t feel connected to your company. A more intimate business relationship can mean more long-term, quality clients that are happier overall with your product or service.  And remember, you’re not just looking to keep the customers you have. You want every customer to feel confident recommending you to others.

Building a Strong Relationship with a Customer

Know Your Customers

Do you know your customers? If you do, great! Because many customers prefer working with businesses where they can connect with an individual rather than a faceless corporation. When you get the chance to interact directly with customers, take the time to ask about their interests and concerns as well as for feedback on your work. And don’t be afraid to take notes! You want to make sure you take action on the information the customer is providing and that you have a clear understanding of their experience. Moreover, recalling that personal information the next time you speak with them goes a long way toward creating a positive relationship.

Create a Customer Database

The more you know about your customers, the better understanding you have of how to meet their expectations and needs. Create a customer database that includes not only names, addresses, emails and phone numbers, but also their preferences, order history and ongoing requirements. Armed with this information, you’ll be well-positioned to give your customers exactly what they want .

Communication with Customers

Communication is the foundation for developing strong relationships with customers. Establishing regular communication channels helps you avoid many customer service issues and solve them faster should they arise. Your goal is to develop two-way communication with your customers, so make sure you start the process early in the relationship, whether you keep in touch through emails, newsletters or check-in phone calls.

Use Questionnaires to Learn More about Customers’ Needs

Questionnaires, polls and surveys are vital to communicating with your customers. Using these tools, you’ll gather more information about what your customers like about your business as well as what can be improved to serve them better. And your customers will be encouraged to buy your products or services if they feel their feedback is being taken seriously. That’s why checking in regularly is an important step to increasing your clients’ engagement with both your business and you.

Develop a Social Media Presence

Social media marketing plays an important role in growing your target audience. Engaging on social media is an efficient way to interact with current customers and to gain new customers. Determine which social media platforms are used most by your target audience, and set up accounts for your business. Then use those social media platforms to keep your customers informed about new products, upcoming sales and general updates that add value to your relationship.

Delight Customers with the Unexpected

Delighting your customers is simple! Simply give them more than what they expect.That means going above and beyond what you promised. For example, try surprising clients with a gift on their birthday. Or sending a small token of appreciation to a repeat customer. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive. A Starbucks gift card, a discount code for their next purchase or even a free sample of your product says thank you without going overboard.

Organize Special Events or Parties

Everyone enjoys knowing they’re appreciated. Special events, parties and contests give you the opportunity to meet your customers face-to-face, demonstrate your appreciation for their loyalty and show them how important they are to you.

Be Always Honest with Customers

A reputation for reliability, honesty and integrity are crucial to building strong relationships with customers. A customer’s trust is as important as the products you sell or the services you offer. Be honest, open and sincere with your clients. If you’re not able to follow through on something that was promised, let them know right away. Long-term, successful customer relationships thrive on trust and transparency.

Interact with Customers in Person

Interacting with customers in person is a great way to demonstrate how important they are to you. Access to you—or other high-level managers in your business—is essential to building a long-lasting relationship.

The foundation of any relationship, but especially customer relationships, is one-to-one connection. Common interests, understanding, constant contact and support are the key factors to building relationships with customers.

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What is Reputation and why is it Necessary to Grow Your Business

grow business

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”

Jeff Bezos

Reputation is a big deal for any business. To achieve the highest level of success for your company, you must pay particular attention to reputation. A good company reputation opens the door to opportunity and provides unhindered access to your ideal client base.

Reputation Definition

To understand the importance of reputation, you first need to understand what reputation means.

Oxford Dictionary defines reputation as “The beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something.” Whether your business has a good reputation or a bad reputation is up to you.

Today most of the people view the reputation of a brand through the lens of search engines, social media and word-of-mouth.

What is the Importance of Reputation Management?

Reputation management is making the effort to influence what and how people think of a person or brand. Sharing positive information about a brand or person to increase positive sentiment is an effective strategy for reputation management.

What are the Benefits of a Good Reputation?

The benefits of a good reputation include:

  • More business opportunities
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Attracts loyal supporters
  • More customers and sales
  • Distinguishes you from competitors
  • Promotes good relationships with clients
  • Greater revenues
  • Cost-free advertising
  • Attract better quality prospective employees
  • Higher company value

No matter who you are or what your goal is, without a good reputation you’ll find it difficult or almost impossible to achieve success. Customer swant the most for their money, so naturally they choose the company or person they think is  superior. No one wants to pay for a product or service that is lower quality than they initially believed. So whether you’re pitching a new client or looking for business partnerships, your reputation affects your bottom line.

Active is Better than Passive

The influence of the Internet is still growing. And that means that if your brand is in the public eye, you will be seen and judged. Unfortunately, a negative reputation can result from just a single negative complaint or review. Or, in a worst case scenario, the collective opinion of many. And if you’re not actively managing your reputation your competitors can and will take advantage. But if you take an active approach to reputation management your brand will flourish with more clients, leads and sales.

“You can’t buy a good reputation; you must earn it.”

Harvey Mackay

Earn More Money with a Good Reputation

Why is reputation important in a business? A good reputation not only makes you money, but also helps save on marketing expenses. The mechanism for building a good reputation is like a chain containing small, interconnected pieces. Customers feedback form this chain. At the end of your chain is a positive or negative business reputation. When you have a good reputation, you may not need to spend a fortune on marketing. Why? Because your customers act as brand ambassadors promoting your business to their friends, family and colleagues.

How can you Improve your Business Reputation?

If your business reputation is trending toward negative, , there are a few essential actions you can take to move toward improvement:

  1. Stick to Your Word

A negative reputation can be the result of a simple misunderstanding. To avoid this, make sure your mission is clearly defined both internally and externally. Communicate with your customers on a human level. Customers who align with your values will become the client base you need to expand and grow your business.. When customers know what to expect building trust and promoting positive reputation will be much easier.

  1. Use Social Media Proof

One of the easiest and the most effective ways to increase confidence in your reputation is through social proof. Showcase each and every positive testimonial you receive. But don’t just publish them to your website where they may never be seen. Promoting your successes on social media is how you use your positive reputation to increase your client base.

  1. Improve Customer Service

Lousy customer service is the worst. Poor customer service has earned many brands a bad reputation. And that type of bad reputation is difficult to recover from. With the high number of services available to manage customer service, you should be able to easily avoid this pitfall.

  1. Communication and Transparency

Your reputation depends on how people perceive your business. All correspondence—whether emails, letters, voicemails or any other method of communication—should always be polite, informative, professional and grammatically correct.

  1. Always Be Honest

You will never earn trust by lying. If your company makes a mistake, acknowledge the issue and make it right. A cover-up is a fast way to earn a bad reputation. The best approach is always honesty, even when public relations mishaps occur.

Your company’s reputation can be a catalyst for new business or a roadblock for new customers. Protecting and improving your business reputation is the best way to increase your brand visibility, promote growth and achieve success!

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How to Make Your Brand Using Customer Reviews?

customer reviews

Today, customers’ reviews have become omnipresent. Reviews are visible on Google search as well as on different social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

In case you are new to the online business, then reviews may seem to be a daunting, complicated and challenging task. Many successful companies use customers’ reviews as one of the most powerful and efficient tools to grow their total bottom line. However, there are those businesses who brush reviews off as something that’s “nice to have” or “just there.” As studies show, those who do not pay particular attention to the importance of reviews on their websites and businesses, are not as successful as those who do.

The fact is that customers rely on those reviews to make the best buying decision. Approximately 85-90% of American consumers read customer reviews before making a purchase. This is because customers do not trust advertising and marketing anymore. Anyone can share their honest feedback about brands through online surveys. It is handy as well as helpful for others who would like to buy a product or pay for service, using the same brand. Thus, customers’ reviews are more critical than ever.

The spread of online reviews provide any business with an excellent opportunity to increase exposure as well as influence and attract potential customers, which can lead to business growth, and, as a result, increase your income. Thus, if you want to get a leg up on the competition, you should keep an eye on online reviews. If you are not using your best customer reviews in marketing campaigns, then you are ignoring the most valuable voice available. The voice of the customer.

How to Use Customer Reviews in Marketing?

These recommendations will help you establish your business brand as a trustworthy, reliable and quality company based on unbiased customers’ reviews. Keep on reading to get more useful information where using customers’ reviews gives the best and the most efficient results.

Use Reviews on Key Pages

Approximately 80% of customers trust others’ recommendations as their own. They read up to 10 reviews (or more) before making a purchase. They need to learn more about your product or services, understand more information from other people’s experience before they will trust you enough to do the same.

Use your current customers’ experience to build strong consumer trust with prospective customers. Your homepage, as well as top pages of your website, are the best solution to display your consumers’ feedbacks. Being transparent means that you are sincere and open to potential customers. It is a great chance to attract your target audience and convert them into potential customers.

Use Reviews in Search Ads

Search engines not only rate your website based on how successful you optimize listing. Search engines also monitor what other people (your customers) say about your brand.

Prospects can see how much you measure your customers’ needs, requirements and expectations. It will show them that your customers’ satisfaction is your top-notch priority – is one of the most efficient ways to show your brand is reliable, safe and trustworthy. Moreover, gathering fresh content can assist you in acquiring Google Seller Rating and Rich Snippets. As a result, you will significantly improve your brand visibility on search engines.

Rating, orange stars, and the number of customers’ reviews show useful feedback information to search engines – it will help you to get a leg up on the competition, build trust and reputation before the potential shoppers even visit your customer reviews website.

Use Consumers’ Voices

If you want to turn even the most undecided customer into your constant, loyal paying customer, you need to think about all the possible ways that will help you to engage your audience with the other consumers. Social channels are one of the first sources used by consumers to research brands. With the help of social channels, internet users can monitor other people customer experience. As statistics shows, 2 out of 10 users follow brands on social media. Thus, it is crucial for you to showcase your customers’ feedback on social media.

Using as well as sharing third-party validation on your website can significantly increase your brand awareness as well as grow your company’s name and recognition.

Use Emails

One of the most popular ways of enhancing your brand is using reviews in emails – the best channel for ROI. By highlighting customers’ feedbacks in emails is not only an efficient and productive way to increase credibility, but it also boosts conversion and click-through rates. It also shows the readers what they can expect if they become your customers.

Improve Customers’ Experience

If you want to improve your customers’ experience you need to stay on top of online reviews. You should show that you take care of your customers and that each of them is of special importance for you.

Never ignore your customer comments even if they are negative. Making your customers feel like they are talking to a wall will not help you to keep them or convert others. Of course, customers may understand that you are busy and cannot respond immediately. However, they need to know that you listen to them. You should assure your customers that you are doing your best to provide them with the best solution.

Responding to positive customer service review comments is also essential. It helps your customers to keep engaging with your business.

As you can see, there are a lot of efficient ways that can help you evolve your brand and increase its ROI. They can also increase your sales, marketing, and product and service development. Thus you need to take all this advice into account. Don’t let them slip away into the competitors’ hands.

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5 Top Strategies to Promote Your Startup Like a Pro

marketing strategy

Undoubtedly, every individual or business can agree that marketing is one of the biggest challenges any start-up will face. So, how can you promote your startup? How to market your business and increase your brand awareness if you have a tight budget? How to tell the world about your business in the most efficient way?

It is a complicated task to stand out from the crowd. Businesses should always improve their marketing to get a leg up on competition and tell people about their business, especially if the business is a start up People should know about your business as well as what is offers whether it be products or services. Even if the product or services you offer are of high quality, it is difficult to generate sales and grow your business without dedicating individual resources towards promotion.

Since marketing for beginners (startups) is a complicated thing, this guide will give you a great place to start. Here you will get the most effective strategies that will positively influence your marketing, and brand awareness. Keep on reading to get more information about the most efficient ways to market your business to attract customers through word of mouth.

1.    Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most efficient starting point for any business. There are at least two reasons:

  • It is more affordable in price than ads
  • It is more effective than a cold call

Using inbound marketing can significantly increase website traffic. In case your top-notch goal is to generate sales and leads for your startup, then you should pay particular attention to content marketing. To work on its own, it may take a month if not years. That is why you need to pay attention to paid promotion. Find a team of experts who will do their best to help you and fasten the process of your content, and, as a result, your brand growth and awareness.

Content includes the following media assets’ types:

  • Text;
  • Images;
  • Infographics;
  • Podcasts;
  • PDFs;
  • Videos

Thus, if you are going to start an effective content marketing startup for your business, your goal should be to take into account all the mentioned above types of media assets. It is necessary to use various content types to achieve maximum success.

2.    Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an efficient solution that will help you to grow your business. It can offer businesses to unify their PR, marketing, sales, digital marketing, product, and social media via relevant relationship-based communication. This type of marketing has significantly higher ROI than the other forms of digital marketing. The one disadvantage of influencer marketing is that it can cost you a pretty penny. Thus, if you have a low budget, you should cooperate with several niche audience-relevant micro influencers who offer more affordable services. As a great alternative, you can turn your executive startup’s leaders into trusted influencers.

3.    Word of Mouth Marketing

This is one of the oldest, but the best way to advertise your business. People trust people, especially those they know. You can easily use this form of marketing by tapping into social networks both online and offline. Word of mouth is one of the easiest ways to promote your startup as well as the most affordable. In some cases, it is even cost-free: you can ask your colleagues, friends, or relatives to help you spread the word.

4.    Social Media Marketing

How to market and advertise your business with social media: Like word of mouth marketing, this approach to marketing has the same goal – spread the information. The difference is that social media marketing can spread the word to far more people in a shorter period. Thanks to Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, Quora, Instagram, and other social media, you can spread information with your target public in a fast, easy and convenient way. Announce the latest venture to your networks! Set up accounts for your company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Start sharing the latest updates, concerning your company products and services. Be active on social media.

5. Email Marketing

It is one of the most efficient as well as the most affordable or even cost-free strategies for attracting customers to your startup. In case you have your customer’s email address you can quickly send him or her emails, informing them about the latest updates, sales, special offers, and other relevant information. This way of marketing can significantly promote your startup. However, to achieve your goal you need to gather the email addresses of your prospective customers. If you have a website that you specially designed for your startup, then you should place a newsletter signup form on it. As an alternative, you can ask your customers for their email addresses. Take into consideration that it is necessary to diversify your emails with non-commercial content, infographics, special offers, etc. It will help you to attract your customers and encourage them to take the desired action (make a purchase or order your service). In case you ignore these recommendations, your subscribers will opt out of receiving your emails.

Which techniques from the mentioned above will you choose to promote your startup like a pro? The best answer is: try all of them, test and pick the best one that will work best for your business. Try content marketing to generate leads, influencer marketing to promote sales, word of mouth or social media marketing to increase your brand awareness and improve your sales, email marketing to attract customers to your startup. Consider these five strategies to promote your startup and generate more sales.

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How Online Reviews Impact Your Business

customer review

Today, online reviews can make or break your business depending on how you handle them. Positive reviews are wonderful but negative reviews can be an inevitable part of business, but with review management strategy, your customers can do the marketing for you. Businesses are slowly realizing without investing in online review management they will not be able to compete with those that do. Positive online presence and reviews help in trust-building and can bring in more customers and revenue.

What people say about your business matters, customers are using online websites like Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor to determine where they will take their business. In today’s market, online reviews are affecting traditional businesses. People use online reviews to find a place to eat dinner, to hire a plumber, and even to find their next dentist. Positive customer reviews can build your business and attract new customers, and if handled properly, so can a negative review. Online reviews and comments should be used as a place to connect with your customers, this can improve your business internally – which can lead to better experiences and reviews. They want to be heard, so respond to the good, the bad, and ugly.

These are various statistics to persuade you to take online reviews seriously: 77% of people read online reviews before buying or paying for a service, 87% of women post online reviews often, 71% of all consumers say online reviews are important and impact where they take their business, and only 1% of consumers believe that online reviews are not important at all. Typically, consumers like something new and exciting, but tend to stick with old favorites because they are used to it. Due to online reviews, 88% of consumers now have the confidence to purchase an unfamiliar brand.

Online reviews are vital to a business in this society, they help bring in new customers and can improve your current business strategies. Again, don’t panic when you receive a bad review it is a part of running a business – just remember that communicating with the customer and letting them be right can turn it positive.

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How to Remove Negative Google Reviews

google review

A negative review: a business owner’s worst nightmare. Don’t fret, don’t lose sleep, stay calm, and stay on top of the problem. You cannot remove a Google review but it can be fixed!

First, flag it for removal if it’s fake. On Google reviews, it is known that there are many bots and fake accounts that aim to lower a company’s ratings, therefore, you should examine your reviews and check them with your records, see if they lack details that relate to your business, and if there is a lot of misspellings and foul language, Google may take the review down. Then, respond immediately to all negative reviews. The longer the problem is left unsolved on the internet, the more people will tend to believe the fake and/or negative review. Put your ego in your desk drawer, and make sure to tell your side of the story with compassionate language, acknowledge the issue, and educate the public that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make that customer satisfied. The best policy a business owner can have is, your customer is always right. If the customer is pleased with your response, they could edit or even delete that negative statement. An abundance of positive reviews will overrule the bad; one way to receive more positive reviews is to ask your customer in person or over the phone if they were happy with the service that you provided, and if so, politely ask for a positive review. (or use ReviewPoint)

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How to make it so your Yelp reviews don’t get filtered

yelp review

When you receive a review on Yelp, don’t always expect to see it. Yelp uses an automated filter that hides certain reviews in order to display the most helpful and honest reviews. Reviews to a business are vital. Whether the review is positive or negative – it helps management understand what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong for their clientele. The filter is intended to protect businesses, but in turn may hurt them. There have been many cases where authentic and honest reviews get filtered, and as a result this is keeping businesses from getting the feedback they deserve. Countless businesses have wondered how to stop their Yelp reviews from being filtered, and the answer it is not possible.

There are several ways Yelp users can avoid having their reviews filtered, such as not making your reviews overly short, long, negative, or positive, as well as if you are a new user try to keep connecting on the app to create a rapport. For the feedback and reviews businesses do receive, both positive and negative, should be taken into consideration. These reviews are helpful in training their employees and to implement their business plan. All things considered, Yelp is an amazing website that can increase business revenue and customer satisfaction.

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How To Delete TripAdvisor Reviews

Having a positive and active TripAdvisor presence can greatly increase your business and customer satisfaction. However, if you do receive a negative comment there are ways to mitigate the review. Your business should be regularly checking your reviews to be aware of what customers have been saying about it. As a travel business owner this can be difficult, due to your busy schedule and many customers. TripAdvisor has been known to delete comments if you have recently renovated your property, the review violates their guidelines, or if the review was fraudulent. Although you personally cannot delete TripAdvisor reviews, you should respond to all reviews in a timely manner. Whether the review is good or bad, true or false, you need to try and satisfy your clientele’s complaint or thank them for their compliment. Reviews are time sensitive, after three months people typically will no longer read the review. The bad review is still important and you should work to make that client happy and fix the issue for future reviews. One of your main priorities should be working to gather as many positive reviews as possible – it has been proven that many positive reviews will outweigh the negative reviews. Using ReviewPoint can help manage these issues and increase positive feedback.

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